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Choosing a NAS Synology DS1019+ vs. DS218+: Which NAS should you buy? Trying to figure out what NAS you need for your home server? We've tested numerous Synology NAS servers extensively so we can. Should you build your own NAS, or buy one? Ever since we posted our NAS series, we've been asked whether it's better to build or buy your own NAS. In this article, David Gewirtz answers that question Synology or QNAP NAS - Which to Buy in 2019/2020? Posted on 16th July 2019 16th July 2019 by Rob Andrews. Things to consider when you buy a Synology or QNAP NAS. When you buy your first network attached storage device, it can be an incredibly daunting task. If you have a less technical background, or heard about NAS servers from Synology or. Many NAS drives come with RAID options built-in, which means you can duplicate data across multiple drives rather than just one—and that in turn means if one drive should suddenly break down and. For most home users who aren't video-file hoarders, a two-bay NAS should be sufficient, provided that you buy big enough drives from the outset if you'll be mirroring them

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  1. Today is the day we unplug and analyse the best NAS systems I've used over the past year. So prepare yourself for the uploading of everything to consider when buying a NAS. BUY NOW TS-453Be: https.
  2. Question Which NAS should I buy? Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by mrbenn, May 27, 2016. May 27, 2016 at 1:31 PM. mrbenn, May 27, 2016 #1. mrbenn. Active Member. Joined: Jan 16, 2009 Messages: 728 Products Owned: 0 Products Wanted: 0 Trophy Points: 46 Ratings: +100
  3. NAS Hard Drives Are Built Specifically for a NAS Environment. The environment inside of a NAS box is much different than a typical desktop or laptop computer. When you pack in a handful of sweaty hard drives close together, several things happen: there's more vibration, more heat, and a lot more action going on in general
  4. What should you look for? Generally speaking, when looking for NAS hard drives, you will want to aim for a 7,200RPM drive with 64MB of cache. Hard drives will perform similarly between brands, but.
  5. You could buy a two-bay NAS (network attached storage) device, but it would be roughly twice the price. First there's the cost of a good, cheap NAS, such as a Synology DS218j (£165.23)

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So, If you are thinking about buying a brand new Synology NAS and are unsure if you should buy one of the existing range (maybe in a black Friday sale or something) or whether you should hold out a little longer, I recommend using subscribing here to the blog and/or messaging me via the FREE advice section below with what you need the NAS to do Hi all, I am looking to Buy a nas drive. i would use it to store and stream itunes and movies.I would also need it to stream to more than 1 device at a time eg smart tv upstairs and smart tv downstairs or sonos. Can anyone recomend which one to buy. I have been looking at synology414j and western digital my book live Here a roundup of todays reviews and articles: ASRock Z97 OC Formula Preview Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM Review Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB Review Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review Corsair Voyager Air 2 Review Fractal Design Core 3500W Review Kingston SSDNow mS200 240GB mSATA SSD Review Patriot Fuel+ Mobile Rechargeable Battery Review SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive. Which NAS should I buy to store files? Iain has filled his PC's hard drive and wants to move files to a storage system that the rest of the family can access from PCs and various mobile devices Ok guys. I grew up a computer nerd (80s baby) and put my first PC together in the late 90s and was hooked. I told myself I would never buy a pre-made setup again. After about 20 years of hey son fix my virus lol I gave it up and moved on with life. 10 years after that I graduate college, get a wife, child and buy a house

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In general drive failures follow specific model's more then specific manufacturers. I used to only buy WD but I have flipped over to Seagate and so far the experience has been great. My personal opinion is any non-SMR NAS drive is likely going to be comparable in terms of MTTF these days I have neither used Drobo, nor Synology. When I originally looked into a NAS device, I picked the QNAP. I found that the QNAP solution is really a SERVER that can run all types of virtual services. Do keep in mind that RAM & CPU limits what can ac.. NAS vs Cloud Storage - We are living in the age of 21 st century where everything we think can be assessed and stored on the internet with full security. But that's not always the case. To store data on hard drives or NAS or to use online cloud storage vary from user's personal requirements

Synology has a range of NAS products (ranging from home devices to professional ones) which all share quite a neat web-based management and configuration UI called. What type of NAS should I buy? And how many bays do I need? NAS drives all come with a different number of drive bays, with consumer models generally coming in one, two, three or four-bay variants With excellent performance, brilliant software and easy setup this entry-level NAS drive is another great buy from Synology. Ok, it's not much different to the DS216j, but it's hard to improve on. NAS or DAS, which one should I buy? One of the most frequently asked questions that we have been hearing lately has been whether to purchase a DAS (direct attached storage) or NAS (network attached storage). Most people realize that NAS is the way of the future, but feel that they really only need a DAS right now Dear Lifehacker, I'm thinking about building a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) for storage and backups, but I don't know if I should build a computer or use an old one I have kicking around.

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  1. Which NAS HDD Should I Buy? (2014) | Reports By: Jonathan Kwan July 14, 2014 Would you rather be spoiled for choice, or have no choice at all? More of
  2. skills imho. The value in the popular NAS solutions tends to be in the management software which does much of the heavy lifting and provides security and plugin/package support etc. Linux ad
  3. There are some other NAS devices from other brands to buy for your home. However, when making the decision in which to purchase, you should take the following into consideration: 1
  4. The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices for 2020. Connected storage is more versatile storage, but that's just one of the many benefits of buying a NAS device
  5. Hi, I have been watching this forum for a little while as I am considering purchasing a My Cloud. I had thought about a Synology NAS as they seem to get a good writeup, but they are more expensive than the My Cloud. I am concerned about the problems of connecting the My Cloud to the WD server that I have read here and elsewhere. Is this still a problem? Is there anything else that I should be.
  6. g makes and models. The results may surprise you. The cloud backup provider recently shared failure rate data on the consumer and Enterprise drives it uses. In today's latest post, Backblaze shares the statistics of failure rates by drive brand/model.. The summary graphic below may get drive fanbois' blood boiling

Ever since we posted our NAS series, I've been asked whether it's better to build or buy your own NAS. In this video, I answer that question. For the Synology review, see: https://youtu.be. A Network Attached Storage device can provide shared storage, a Time Machine backup target, and additional useful features for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users on a local area network — and beyond Portable external hard drives have sleeker designs than their bulkier desktop counterparts, and are meant for easy transport.They can be either 2.5-inch HDD or SSD, and range in capacity from 32 GB to 6 TB. Portable hard drives with encryption and a ruggedized build, like this Data Locker Enterprise portable hard drive, are meant for use in the field A network attached storage (NAS) solution can be a godsend for those of you looking for ways to optimize and protect your data storage - whether it's for your home or for your office.. But deciding on the ideal network attached storage is no easy task, especially if you are not tech savvy or an IT professional. When you search for a NAS-drive online, the market is dominated by QNAP and.

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  1. Synology tilbyder et væld af NAS-modeller at vælge imellem, men udvælgelsen kan være lidt svimlende, hvis du ikke er sikker på, hvad alle forskellene er. Her er nogle ting du bør vide for at hjælpe dig med at indsnævre dit ideelle valg
  2. Should I buy a NAS or use online cloud storage for backup? Best Answers. So there's benefits of both ways, of course. The most ideal solution encompasses both on-site backup (via a NAS) and off-site backup (via Amazon, BackBlaze, etc). read more. Source: quora.com. 0 0. Which NAS should I buy to store files? www.theguardian.com
  3. 0. Which 4-Bay NAS Should you Buy in 2020. With the growth of popularity in Network Attached Storage (NAS) many users who are even the tiniest bit familiar with data storage will want to ensure that their NAS server is providing a good balance of storage space and power
  4. Buy a cheap Seagate NAS with an apple TV for infuse ? or buy a powerful NAS with built-in Kodi ? If it's purely going to be a media server for your atv then the choice is simple. The atv's 10/100 Ethernet is not going to utilise the speeds of a decent NAS, so go cheap

The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices for 202

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  1. Should I not run windows 2012 in a virtual environment on the nas. I mean I prefer not to purchase another windows Lic but can as we get it pretty cheap. Should I just save it to the the unit its self with cifs. I will say that I have used linux and continue to use it but always find it a struggle sorting out drives and such
  2. A NAS is a handy thing to have. You can store tons of data, set up a personal media server, or run a bunch of virtual machines on it. Regardless of what you choose to do, you want to have hard drives with the reliability to protect your data and the speed to access it quickly
  3. APH Networks checked out the Which NAS HDD Should I Buy? (2014) Report. Would you rather be spoiled for choice, or have no choice at all? More often than not, if we have no option at all, then we would complain, because we have no option. If we have many options, we would also complain, because it is hard to make a.

Most NAS units support between two and eight hard drives at once. You don't have to use all of the available hard drive ports on an NAS unit, so buying one that holds more can give you room to grow Sample Verse: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16. New American Standard (NAS) Type: Word for Word. Strengths: The NAS is one of the most accurate of all contemporary Bible translations. The version's translators made a strong. RHH: Which Nas album should I buy, Stillmatic or The Lost Tapes? I have Illmatic and IWW so it's time to get another Nas album on CD. I already have both downloaded and I enjoyed them pretty equally so I wanna buy a physical copy from amazon today. I'll get them both eventually but I'm only getting one first so I'll let you decide, whichever. Why a NAS should be your next home PC. Commentary: Network attached storage boxes have come of age, offering everything we were promised by entertainment centre PCs, plus a whole lot more

With a 5-year warranty and an approachable price tag, it's easy to see why this is one of the best hard drives you can buy today. Seagate IronWolf NAS drives come at a premium (Image Credit. A network-attached storage device, or NAS, is a small always-on computer generally used for backing up computers and serving files to devices on your local network. If you buy a NAS that. Take a look at Netgear NAS systems. They are pretty expensive but have a real hardware raid inside so the benchmarks should be very nice. Also, according to the reviews they are quiet. I would buy this one for home use but I have a 19 rack and it doesn't fit :

In the chart above we show how the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) can be used to filter buy and sell signals when trading Nasdaq 100. The MACD consists of a MACD-line (blue line) and. Many NAS boxes, like the QNAP TS-469 Pro, let you access files saved on the device from anywhere via the Internet and offer ways to store and share movies and songs with TVs on your network. There.

I own two ReadyNas 4 Pro and i'm about to upgrade my drives to 4tb. Now i need to decide if i take WD Red drives or just go with the Seagate 4TB which is almost $50 cheaper. Is there any reason why it would be worth spending $50 more on each drives, beside the 3 years WD warranty versus 2 years for.. Each time you ask your computer to retrieve or update data, the I/O controller tells the actuator arm where that data is located, and the read/write head gathers the data by reading the presence or absence of a charge in each address A network-attached storage (NAS) unit is a purpose-built computer with multiple hard drives, attached to a network, to store and serve data. If your network requires users to collaborate across different protocols (Windows and Macs, for example) on video, audio, or image files, a NAS could make access to the files faster and allow users to collaborate seamlessly Matching Drives to Your Application Before deciding on which drive to choose, it is important to understand which drive types are best for your application. The table below shows which drive types are best suited by usage. Drive Type 2.5 DAS Optimized DAS Optimized NAS Optimized Enterprise SATA Enterprise/NL1 SAS mSATA SSDs Consumer SSDs Enterprise [ Let us answer before you buy. Post Reply. Print view; 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. shewle New here Posts: 3 Joined: Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:51 pm Contact: Contact shewle. Website. Which should I buy? A 4 Bay Synology NAS or a QNAP 4 bay NAS.

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  1. Western Digital's NAS drive is called the WD Red.Like Seagate, they also offer a Pro version with generally better features across the board. If you're considering a NAS drive for home or small business use, the WD Red should be in your list
  2. Router Charts ; Wi-Fi System Charts ; NAS Charts ; Wireless Access Point Charts ; Wireless Adapter / Bridge chart
  3. Chip is building a computer and wants to add a new NAS to his Drobo. Leo says that Chip has a DAS, or Direct Attached Storage. So building a NAS would be different. But it's a great time to buy hard drives for it, as WD NAS drives are under $90 right now. DROBO isn't that great as a NAS, because of the software. But as a large drive or direct attached storage, it works

Since they got rid of the desktop, they all got laptops. I'm going to transfer the files over to their individual laptops, then format the hard drive, and set up a Raspberry Pi based NAS at their house. At this point, I'm not sure what I should buy to connect the hard drive Windows; Synology DS1019+ vs. DS918+: Which NAS should you buy? May 17, 2019. Faceboo A NAS (Network Attached Storage) system is a centralize storage solution that is accessed through your network to store and share your data and where others can do so as well. Depending on whether you use a NAS for home to small Office, for a business work group, a small to medium business or for a large scale of business, each NAS system has.

Which Synology NAS Should I Buy? April 21, 2018 April 21, 2018 / pcproactive. Synology offers a plethora of NAS models to choose from, but the selection can be a bit dizzying if you're not sure what all the differences are. Here are some things you should know to help you narrow down your ideal choice The Synology DiskStation DS1019+ is an excellent choice for video enthusiasts and small-office users looking for a versatile five-bay NAS that can handle their data backup, video streaming, IP camera management, and file-sharing needs An ideal NAS HDD should meet the following requirements: higher workload rate and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), thermal control and vibration tolerance, and add-on services. 24/7 continuous operation. Desktop HDDs only operate when computers are on, while NAS HDDs can be up and running 24/7

Storage buying guide: external drives, internal drives, SSDs, and NAS devices. From internal hard drives to advanced NAS devices, here's what you need to know about storage. Elias Plastiras (PC World) on 23 April, 2015 11:5 Why you should buy a tri-band router in 2020. So if you're just getting into cord cutting, you want a powerful, wireless internet connection. Netflix and Hulu don't require a lot of internet bandwidth — even if you are streaming in 4K. To stream Netflix in HD you need about 5Mbps. To stream in 4K — you'll want about 25Mbps Google Drive. Platform: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Web Starting price per month: $1.99 (100GB) Storage Options: 100GB, 1TB, 10TB, 20TB, 30TB Google Drive is my personal choice for cloud storage thanks. But, that doesn't mean a cloud storage service should let you get away with one that's too easily guessed by a stranger. The best cloud storage services won't even accept weak passwords. Instead, they will encourage you to provide one with a combination of eight or more characters, numbers, and upper and lower case letters 5 thoughts on Do You Need Network Attached Storage (NAS)? February 5, 2016 at 11:52 pm. Thanks for sharing such a nice info Was a bit doubtful about Network Attached Storage as i want it. now ur post cleared most of my doubts & now i understand clearly what is NAS & its Advantage -Disadvantage

Synology bietet eine Vielzahl an NAS-Modellen zur Auswahl, die Auswahl kann jedoch etwas schwindelerregend sein, wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, welche Unterschiede es gibt. Hier sind einige Dinge, die Sie wissen sollten, um Ihre ideale Wahl einzugrenzen NAS may refer to any of the following:. 1. Short for network access server, NAS is also known as a terminal server and is a computer or network device that communicates you with another computer or service. For example, when you dial in to connect to the Internet, you're dialing into a NAS. 2. Short for network-attached storage, NAS is any storage device that is connected to a network and. OB:NAS Future Profit June 19th 18 Investors looking for growth in their portfolio may want to consider the prospects of a company before buying its shares. Buying a great company with a robust outlook at a cheap price is always a good investment, so let's also take a look at the company's future expectations NAS enclosures, like Synology's feature-packed models, or easy-install, hands-off boxes like the Drobo, bring a lot to the party as well.Depending on the make and model you buy, you can have all. NAS, as the name implies, is network-attached storage. It is a storage device that connects to your home or office network and can include one or more hard drives. Files on the NAS can be accessed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to your local network or even over the Internet

Ask the Experts: Zane is looking at building a DIY NAS and wants to know what parts he should use Technology and gaming content trusted in North America and globally since 1999 8,593 Reviews. Which NAS should I buy for research? edit. nas. shared-storage. asked 2017-05-08 07:29:11 -0500 AmirV 51. Each TV manufacturer has a different selection of apps, so check they have what you want before you buy. You'll find popular apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube on most TVs. You're not just limited to entertainment apps either, many TVs will have a selection of social media, lifestyle, news, and gaming apps

For most people, the Sonos Beam is going to be a great option. The Beam is small and compact, making it easy to move around if necessary, and it should not take up much space with your current setup. Despite the Beam's smaller size, it still delivers rich audio all throughout the room and works best for small and medium-sized spaces I've been happily using my ReadyNAS Duo .v1 for the past three years (cost £235), but I have also been tempted by the current offer on the ReadyNAS NV+.v2 (£160). I use my ReadyNAS Duo for streaming music to my Squeezebox Touch & Classic, and movies to my Mac Mini HTPC. However, I am hesitating in..

NAS: Should you build or buy? 103:20:00 / January 12, 2018 If you're on the fence or just learning about how to manage your own storage array, this video will help you decide A NAS drive, or Network Attached Storage drive is one of the best investments you can make to help improve the connectivity and functionality of the IT in your home. Here is why every household should own a NAS drive What is a NAS drive? A NAS drive is basically a hard drive that plugs into your network. Most connect directly to your. The thing is, very few other NAS manufacturers offer a solution for this problem, either (the new Drobo Transporter 2.0 is supposed to be capable of backing up to another Transporter 2.0 via the.

Best overall performer in NAS/File Benchmark: HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB Best overall performer in power consumption: Western Digital Red WD40EFRX 4TB-----Conclusion. Every hard drive we have tested has its merits. There is no straight up answer to which one you should buy, as everyone has different preferences and priorities The Best NAS for Plex Server. Store all your media including movies, TV shows, photos, and music on the NAS, then enjoy them from anywhere. Whether you're in your living room, or on-the-go, Plex and QNAP has you covered Buy a Network Drive Enclosure. One alternative to buying a ready-to-use NAS device is to get a network storage enclosure, which is essentially a NAS device to which you add your own internal hard drives (usually one or two, although some products support up to four)

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For example, electronics retailer Best Buy charges between $200 and $1450 based on the severity of the issue. Even then, recovery is no guarantee. 10 thoughts on External HDs/NAS vs. Cloud. Mac users should check to see if a NAS drive can stream files to an Apple TV, or act as an 'iTunes server', storing your iTunes music library on the NAS drive so that it can stream music to every. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is all about keeping your data safe and secure, no matter where you go or what devices you use. NAS is attached to the network at your home or office, which allows multiple network users to store data in one safe place. In the world of PC technology, NAS doesn't get a whole lot of attention NAS is winning me over... should I buy the 24-70mm F 2.8? Discussion in 'Nikon' started by juan_su, Jul 7, 2008. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > juan_su. Hi guys, I've been contemplating buying the 28-70mm F 2.8 for the longest time. I could never justify it before, mainly.

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Re: should i buy a NAS from Synology/QNAP or 1 desktop pc March 18th, 2019, 15:54 created a virtual ubuntu machine to use it when i need to save data to external hard drive So then I thought about buying either a QNAP or Synology NAS. From the posts & articles I've read/researched, it's mostly subjective but many like the Synology NAS, which I did too. Now, since I'm new to the world of NAS, I really wasn't sure if I need the 1 bay or 2 bay model of the Synology DiskStation, DS110j vs DS211j WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A SYNOLOGY NAS. We have now seen quite a few, expensive Synology units fail, the one thing in common is the Intel Atom C2000 series CPU which has a horrendous design flaw that.. Which? reviews reveal the best and cheapest printers from brands including HP, Canon and Epson. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. Which printer should you buy? Best cheap printer ink Both a server and NAS allow for control over user permissions. User groups can be created that make files only accessible to those who should have access. The server will arguably offer more configuration options in terms of access control and security than a NAS will. A NAS is also great for sharing folders with clients outside of the network

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I am a my cloud (original) user, 4 tb. I love it. I wanted to add a second one and went to a local store where I could only purchase the my cloud home in an 8 tb. They no longer carried the older version over 6 tb. I was explained that it's simply the newer version of the original my cloud. Fast forward, I have set up the new device and discovered major differences that I am not excited by. Home router NAS: At the super-cheap end, if you have the right kind of home router, you could simply buy a USB flash drive or USB disk drive. Plug the drive into the router's USB port, and the home router would serve the storage space to the network For my NAS systems (Iomega's) I use their recommended NAS class SATA drives (e.g. STX 500GB ST3500412AS and  1TB ST1000DM003 drives )  that have the Iomega firmware version loaded. I may end up paying a bit more vs. for a lower cost basic SATA drive that has lower reliability and other specs, however from what I have experienced they are well worth it The NAS Compatibility List should help you figure out which processor a particular NAS model has. You can also try doing a search for NAS model xyz CPU type on Google or similar (putting in the NAS model in which you're interested, of course) to determine what sort of CPU is used in a particular NAS device. x86 vs ARM Processor Establish if the NAS will work on your platform selected. All NAS products provided are based on a heterogeneous environment so compatibility should not be an issue. However, when you buy diskless it is prudent to carry out due diligence to ensure the system you are buying will indeed work with your environment

Should I build a NAS with the Raspberry Pi 4 or buy a Synology NAS? Thread starter baydude; Start date Jun 27, 2019; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. Hardware and Technology. Which one should I buy? hojnikb Senior member. Sep 18, 2014 562 45 91. Jun 27, 2019 #2 Depends on what you're after. With the new Pi, you have a lot of DIY options on what you. I would strongly recommend storing movies on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and watching them on your HTPC. A NAS gives you multiple hard drives for storage and RAID redundancy for keeping your files backed up all the time. In my experience, additional hard drives inside the case make it much louder. You should store media files on a separate. If you're shopping for a NAS - and we think it's a smart buy - then we've picked out the best NAS drives of 2020 right here for your consideration. How to choose the best NAS drive for yo

Which Synology NAS should you buy? Model numbers explained

This quick primer comparing file servers to NAS devices should help clear up any confusion. Key similarities and differences File servers and NAS devices each provide a great way to share files across devices on a network. But the typical file server offers more powerful hardware and greater functionality than a NAS device A little under a month ago, I wrote about my first impressions of the WD My Cloud EX2, a prosumer-grade network attached storage (NAS) device that I figured would be a great solution for families. I use an LG NAS, bought in 2011 and running fairly continuously since then for the music. My main NAS is a Synology with WD Red drives, which can also, if needed, be used on Sonos. WD NAS devices have a good rep at the cheaper end, I'm less keen on Buffalo. Sonos can only use SMB1, which may affect how you feel about security I'd argue aVirtual Nas or Nas as a service is better than buying HDDs. This only works for those with fast connections. 10mbps with 1mbps upload is out of the question. Paying $5/TB/month Vs. NAS, short for Network Attached Storage, is first a storage device connected to your network that facilitates the attachment of a hard drive, or multiple hard drives, in such a way that provides centralized, shared storage of digital files, simultaneously accessible to everyone on the network

Synology 2019 Buying Guide Part 4: Which drive should you

So naturally, a router is not as capable as a dedicated NAS server when it comes to hosting storage space. Also, just because the router supports a few functions with its USB port — like NAS, printing, or cellular modem, and so on — doesn't mean you should expect to use all of them at the same time Earlier this year I posted instructions on how to install an SSL certificate on your Synology NAS.That was before the Dogecoin malware were found infecting Synology NAS boxes early this summer or now the SynoLocker ransomware that encrypts all the data on your NAS and forces you to pay $350 to decrypt the data. Below I'm going to list several ways to help protect your NAS, I'll be. Should I build a NAS or buy Synology? Thread starter arachn1d; Start date Aug 18, 2012; Aug 18, 2012 #1 A. arachn1d Gawd. Joined Jan 7, 2005 Messages 836. I've been eyeing the Synology DS412+ for a while now. I'm about to pull the trigger on it. Before I do it I was wondering if anyone can convince me to build my own NAS

The best NAS devices on the market TechRada

External hard drive enclosures transform internal hard drives into a plug-and-play device. You can use it anytime while system is running and it will become a removable storage drive. Posted in Hard Drives , Linkyopedia Tagged consumer electronics , hard drive enclosures , hard drive

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